Shelby was a wannabe snow man and food vaccum. As she settled into our family, she became an avid swimmer and adjusted to car rides by tasting the air on her flappy tongue out the window. When she was two, a rebel named Rascal came into our lives who annoyed, and loved, her to his core. The pair was inseparable, scheming on how to get table droppings and planning Shelby's neighborhood-wide mad barbecue dash that ended with her nose stuck in a pie. When she passed, we knew she gave us the best memories.


Grace found us on a rainy October day, covered in old dog food and needing a new home. Over the years she has loved, snuggled, and snored her way into the center of our family. She protects us from amazon drivers, wards off any squirrel who dares to tread on her backyard and, most importantly, protects us from over eating by demanding a bite of every plate we make. Last year, she suddenly lost her eyesight. It is safe to say she has always put her family first, and now it is our turn to celebrate her loyalty and love she gives us unconditionally.

The love Shelby & Grace have given our families is now yours.